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Keynote session by CEO of BTB Venture at World Marketing Conference to address Marketing Leaders

BTB Venture is recognized as the leading marketing agency of Europe & Asia.

Interview with Leaders at Expo2020, Dubai

This interview is about one of the interviews of leaders at Expo2020. Harshal is a visionary marketing leader & according to the world marketing conference, he’s Asia’s & Europe’s top Marketing leader. #Expo2020 #InterviewLeaders #UAE #Event #India

Harshal Patil - Top 50 Marketing & Advertising Leaders

Harshal Patil, CEO, BTB Venture & BTB Times on receiving Top 50 Marketing & Advertising Leaders Award, conferred at MADcon, held at Le Meridien, Dubai on 16th – 18th December, 2019

Keynote session as a main host addressing global Marketing Leaders across globe on RevOps.

Core value of BTB Venture Group

Core values are important because they clearly define and illuminate the behavior and operations that an organization has approved as best practices. And we should not compromise core values.
Check out the core values of BTB Venture Group.

How AI is revamping the future of B2B Marketing?

How to scale tech startup? Introspective questions for founders & sales team to Analyse scalability

Interview with Asia’s top marketing Guru at Marketing Conference in Dubai.

Expo2020, Dubai

World Marketing Conference, Dubai

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